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Search for moderators

Post by Admin on Fri 21 Apr - 6:10

We are looking for volunteer moderator on the game MafiaAddict and on the forum for the following languages:

- English
- German
- English
- Russian
- Serbian
- Spanish
- Italian
- Danish
- Portuguese
- Polish
- Dutch
- Turkish
- Swedish
- Grec

A player may only apply for one language. Only one moderator per family.

Mission :

Your mission is to help new players or older players and animate the general chat while enforcing a certain order, remove advertisements, racist, abusive messages.

Information: Moderators can not read private messages or family cats, nor can they ban players, only owners and admin can do this.

Profil :

An experiment of moderation is obligatory.
You are at least 18 years old.
You are at least level 30.
You write without spelling errors.


To propose your application, you must copy / paste the following message and send it completed here:

Nickname in the game:
Language you want to moderate:
Site you want to moderate, forum or game or both:

Thank you for your help !

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