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Promotion, purchase of diamonds and gift of mass

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Promotion, purchase of diamonds and gift of mass

Post by Admin on Fri 21 Apr - 6:29

Promotion :

The promotions take place every 34 days around, it lasts 3 days and brings you 40% more diamond.
Example: You buy 2600 diamonds, you receive 3640 diamonds.
It is possible that promotions do not take place in some months.

Mass Gift:

We pay our loyal players diamonds of cash and ammunition on certain occasions or at random.
- For every 1000 entries
- Anniversary MafiaAddict
- VIP (Random)
- Cash paid to boost the weekly lottery (You receive notification: Mega Jackpot Lottery) (Random)
- For fun ;-) (only to online players) (Random)

Diamond purchases:

Thanks to you we can develop the game and add new extension regularly in order to fully satisfy you and to create a huge city.

The different payment methods: Paypal, CB, SMS, Paysafecard

Diamonds bring you many advantages:
- Build buildings instantly.
- Purchase cash ammunition or health.
- Buy counters
- Buy boosters
- Buy days of protection ...

Additional information: Tournament rewards vary depending on diamond purchases over the last 30 days.

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